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Chords, Riffs and Auditions

The Riffstream# Approach

RiffStream# is designed to be a high-energy interactive ‘event’ with players from across the complete eco-system such as SMEs, Corporates, Owners and managers of IP, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Advisors, and Policy makers.

RiffStream# will have an extended lifetime in e-space beyond the initial trigger ‘event’.  We hope that players will continue their dialogues via  by viewing and interacting with the content generated at the ‘event’, in addition to also having private conversations with potential customers, partners and investors.

The basic idea behind RiffStream# is to help companies to be better equipped when crossing Chasm II. Players will explore the following areas:

  • The originating Chords for their business (for example, technology, customer, need, or business model) 
  • The key components of a Riff: Eco-system, Customer, Concept or Technology, Product or Service, Potential Trajectories, Synthesized Riff or Riffs 
  • Discussions with potential partners and investors which effectively constitute ‘Auditions’ prior to engaging in private dialogues with other players where sensitive commercial issues can be discussed.  

02 Jul 2012